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An interesting piece of kit

These little computers run a lite weight version of linux that is burnt to an SD card that the computer boots off. The board consists of 2 USB ports, HDMI port, Ethernet and runs off a micro USB power supply. The Pi has been so popular that developers have made a port of XBMC for it (Xbox Media Centre). My interest was initially in the media centre capabilities as a lot of my family and extended family come to my house and see my appletv setup and enquire about something similar. But because the appletv is basically just an extension of a computer running iTunes for all of its local content they would need to have their computer on and running every time they wanted to watch the appletv which they neither understand or can be bothered to do. The alternative of a $35 computer running local content off a USB stick that I can edit and change easily is a very attractive option.
Once I had the computer (which was on a 6 month back order due to its popularity) I made 2 SDs consisting of a linux build and a XBMC build and played with them for an hour, but honestly after that, I put the computer in the cupboard thinking that my tinkering was finished.
Recently though I have been back on the Raspberry Pi forums and have seen the development exploding. People running their garage door controls off a Pi using a siri proxy, others taking control of their coffee machines via VNC so that they can start their coffee machines on the way home from work, or from the gym. The inspiration is definitely back and hopefully with some help from a mate I hope to be going gangbusters on some home automation. Nothing crazy, but the possibilities of this little computer are truly infinite and thats what will make this little computer every increasingly popular. Return to the Home page
By Steve Bott.


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