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These cards were something I made back when I was at Billy Blue for a brief on "Culture in Movies", where you had to pick a movie and then design some art cards that could be given away or displayed during a museums exhibition of that culture or era. My movie pick was the 1941 version of The 47 Ronin, a story about a group of samurai that seek revenge for the killing of their master. I liked the cards and have always received comments about them in my portfolio so i've added them to the site as well.

This brief was to get us thinking about the time period which we were designing from, to get inspiration from artwork / writings / packaging of that era and then to translate and combine them into something for todays audience that would have the feel and flavour of that time that the new audience could absorb. I really love briefs like this where you can almost travel to a different time, place and culture and get inspiration that you use to expose people to.
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