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EMG Magazines is where I was a Lead Designer on such titles are High Performance Imports, Street Fords and Zoom magazines. Working directly with the Photographers in the onsite studio was amazing to watch and learn some of the tips and technics they used to get the image and effects they were after. Also having input to the Photographer on the spreads and pages allocated for that car we could tailor the shoot to some degree to get the best result.

From there working with the Editor who's passion for the content and quality of the magazine was always an inspiration to push the boundaries and bring them something that would blow them away doing justice to their content and for the cars owner who would cherish that issue with their car in it.

Working with a large bunch of designers at EMG was a great experience and you definitely learn in leaps and bounds working in a creative team sharing ideas and always being open to a new way to do things. I had a great time at EMG and always enjoying buying issues of their magazines when I can and seeing them still creating great work.
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