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Life Centre Church was a very easy client for me to find as I am a patron of the church. They had a very old logo that they had been using for many years and the Pastor asked me to design them a new one. Working on the creative with him was a lot of fun and produced a logo that I am very proud of. A short while after that they asked me to design and build their website and I encouraged them to build it on a wordpress platform so it would be easier for multiple people to update with minimal training or required HTML knowledge to get the job done.

The website was made and proofed in photoshop to LCC and I had my longtime friend and owner of BrownBox.net.au Rob code the site off my designs. He did a fantastic job on the site and I was very happy with the final result.

There have been other freelance jobs that I have completed for LCC including a greeting card for guests on their first time visiting the church and some of the photography used on the website and social media is mine as well. We will be reviewing LCCs marketing in 2013 for greater exposure and visibility to the local area and we are keen to see the response we get.

* In December I unveiled the updated logo/ID for Life Centre Church. With the new colour scheme came a slew of other visual branding items designed and printed by me. I designed the oneway vision for the entrance windows, the replacement diabond signs for the front pillars and the directional a-frame and pullup banner. This will dramatically help with new and visiting patrons as the church is positioned at the rear of an industrial building.
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